3 Replies to “This is my first time to make macaroons.!!! I think it not good.Please suggest me to make perfect macaroons.”

  1. Just by looking, the oven May have been too hot so your cookies feet spread out as well as up. Also try to pulse any ingredients like almond flour in a food processor until it is very fine. That will help ensure a smoother top. Good luck!

  2. Overall, those look quite good for a first time! I can’t offer tips because when I tried they just…. Didn’t.

    Advice I can offer is keep it up and make more batches! Change tiny things based on some comments you get here and take notes. Overall, practice makes perfect.

  3. From what I’ve read, it’s important to sift your almond flour/powdered sugar, then blitz it through the food processor; and repeat a couple times. Also using room temperature eggs and cream of tartar when whipping your egg whites to stabilize those peaks. I’m just figuring this out myself— best of luck !!

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