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  1. Moist vanilla pound cake base with delicate pear chunks topped with a crunchy almond crumble and sharp kiwi slices. Best in the autumn season and quick in preparation!

    For this recipe, I used 23cm (9inch) round cake tin.

    **Ingredients for cake:**

    * 3-4 Conference Pears, peeled, core removed and diced (I used a mixture of ripe and hard pears for different textures)
    * 125g (4.4oz) butter
    * 125g (4.4oz) plain flour, sieved
    * 125g (4.4oz) caster sugar
    * 2 large eggs
    * 1tsp of vanilla bean paste (or 1tsp of vanilla extract)
    * 1/4tsp baking powder
    * 1/2 lemon zest and juice

    **Ingredients for crumble and topping:**

    * 1 Kiwi peeled, cut in half and sliced
    * 125g (4.4oz) of plain sieved flour
    * 50g (1.7oz)of sugar
    * 70g (2.4oz) of diced butter
    * 4tsp of ground almonds

    **Instructions for the cake base:**

    **1.** Prepare **23cm (9inch)** round cake tin (I laid the bottom with non-stick baking paper and greased sides with a little bit of butter).

    **2.** Beat the diced butter and sugar together until fluffy and white.

    **3.** Slowly add in the eggs and vanilla bean paste one by one to incorporate.

    **4.** Add flour mixed with baking powder and mix until combined.

    **5.** Place the cake batter in the tin and level with a spatula.

    **6.** Add diced pears creating even layer, drizzle them with lemon juice and zest.


    **Instructions for the crumble and baking:**

    **1.** Heat the oven to **175C (350F)**

    **2.** In the bowl add flour, sugar, diced butter and ground almond.

    **3.** Mix it with your hands by rubbing butter cubes into dry ingredients and do so until no butter cubes are present.

    **4.** Place the crumble topping on the cake by pressing it in your hand and crumbling it on the top.

    **5.** Bake the cake for **40-45 minutes** in **175C (350F)** (use a small knife to check if cake butter is set).

    **6.** Cool down and remove from the tin, garnish with Kiwi ready to serve.


    * This cake is aerated by beating sugar into the butter, when done correctly there is no need to add baking powder however some household mixers can have a problem with this process. Adding some baking powder helps to get light and fluffy cake.

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