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  1. The original recipe with more images and instructions video can be found [here](https://www.mylovelyrecipes.com/recipes/asian-cuisine/papaya-chicken/)


    #####Preparation Time: 10 minutes
    #####Cooking Time: 5 minutes
    #####Serving : 3 people


    – 250g Papaya
    – 200g Chicken Fillet
    – 5 pcs Chili
    – 2 Kaffir Lime Leaves
    – 1 clove Garlic
    – 1 Onion
    – 3 tbsp Thai Style Chili Sauce
    – 1 tbsp Fish Sauce
    – 10g Plam Sugar
    – Some Shredded Dried Squid


    1. Dice the chicken and marinate for 10 minutes with a little salt.
    2. Mince garlic, dice onion, and cut chilli.
    3. Peel and dice papaya.
    4. Heat the pan and pour in oil, fry the chicken until slightly burnt.
    5. Add minced garlic, chilli and shredded dried squid, sauté until fragrant.
    6. Then add onion and palm sugar, stir fry until the palm sugar melts.
    7. Pour in Thai chilli sauce and fish sauce.
    8. Add papaya and stir fry evenly, then turn off the heat.
    9. Cut the Kaffir lime leaves into shreds, mix well and enjoy.

  2. Looks delicious! Papaya is my favorite fruit. Are Kaffir Lime Leaves usually available at Asian markets? I doubt there’ll be at my local American grocery store.

  3. I love mango and pineapple with chicken, so this makes me very excited! I hope I can find the ingredients to try this recipe

  4. Don’t know what’s up with all the negative commentary. Looks good to me except for all the sugar. I’ll probably try it. What is the reason for charring the chicken?

  5. This is so interesting. I’ve never known papaya to be used in a stir fry before, though I have seen them used in Chinese soups. I guess it works like using pineapple or mango in some savoury dishes, so it might be great! The flavourings are on point, though!

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