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    1.5 lbs ground beef
    1 lb spicy sausage
    Fresh finely chopped thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage, green onions…. …. set some aside for soup
    Onions and garlic, chopped
    So many bread crumbs
    A little olive oil
    Salt and pepper

    Mix it all together with your hands. Make meatballs. Line pan with foil. Bake 40 minutes at 375f, or until brown and crispy looking on the top.


    Lots of chopped onions, garlic, carrots, and celery
    8 cups chicken broth
    3/4 cup acini de pepe pasta
    Fresh spinach
    Herbs from meatballs
    Green onions, chopped
    Bay leaves
    Rosemary sprig
    Olive oil

    While your meatballs are cooking, get out your soup pot and warm up oil for sautéing. Dump all veggies and salt. Cover and let soften for a while. Sprinkle some herbs. Once soft, add broth, bay leaves, and rosemary. Let simmer.

    When done in oven, add meatballs, remaining herbs, and green onions. Add salt. Let simmer.

    Add pasta and salt. Takes about 10-12 minutes. Add spinach. Stir until wilted. And ta-da! You’re ready to eat Soup.


    Mixed greens
    Chopped red pear
    Chopped red onion or green onion
    Candied walnuts
    Shredded carrots
    Bacon bits
    Feta cheese
    Caesar croutons
    Red wine vinaigrette

    Waiting to make room for pecan pie now….

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