7 Replies to “It may not be perfect, but my first time making canelé”

  1. This has always been one of my favourite desserts. I NEVER would have thought I could ever make something like this. I watched the video more than a few times, read and re-read the instructions. They came out perfect and I’m seriously addicted! I still can’t believe I made this!

  2. Nice job! Looks like no beeswax? What type of molds?

    I started on caneles with beeswax but ended up giving up on it, as it was so fiddly and looked nice but didn’t really make a difference in flavor.

    Did you rest the batter two days? I always see this recommended but am hoping someone can convince me it’s unnecessary, as that’s too much advanced planning for me…

  3. Those look super tasty! What is the flavor like, I think someone made it on British bake-off a long time ago but I could be wrong

  4. They look good! I do wish I could see a cross section, but I’m sure these tasty treats didn’t last long enough for a second picture

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