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  1. Youtiao is a simple and “all-match” food, eat with congee, soy milk or a cup of Hainanese coffee. Such a simple and delicious breakfast. What do you like to eat with the Youtiao?


    If you are interested in making this, here the recipe and [relaxing instructions video] (https://youtu.be/jmJpSstoqqo).


    #####Preparation Time: 24 hours
    #####Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
    #####Serve: 5 sticks


    – 125g All Purpose Flour
    – 75ml Water
    – 0.25tsp Salt
    – 0.25tsp Baking Powder
    – 0.25tsp Baking Soda
    – 1tsp Cooking Oil
    – Right amount of cooking oil for deep fried


    1. Put all purpose flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and water stir well.
    2. Stir well until smooth then add in oil and stir until the oil absorbed.
    3. Ready a container put in the dough and swipe some oil on it evenly.
    4. Put into the fridge for overnight to let the dough tender.
    5. Defrosted the dough on the next day about 30min to 1 hour and don’t need to knead it. Just do the shaping.
    6. Cut the dough into rectangle, put some water on the surface and place the other one on top of it.
    7. Use chopstick press on the center of the dough to make it stick together.
    8. After heat the oil, pull the dough gently to extend the length, then put it into the wok.
    9. After the Youtiao floating on oil then use a chopstick to turn it.
    10. Put the fried Youtiao on a colander to strain the extra oil then enjoy it.

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