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  1. The egg an bacon roll you need when your day starts.

    One of the most popular options in the United Kingdom when it comes to breakfast, easy to make and well worth the minimum effort you need to make in order to get to the end result.

    As ingredients, we are going kind of basic as this is a breakfast recipe that in the same time needs to be fast not just delicious, so this is what you need:

    Streaky Smoked Bacon

    2 Free Range Eggs

    Little Gem Lettuce

    1 Bread Roll

    10gr Unsalted Butter

    Smoked Cheese, but any cheese will do

    1tbsp BBQ Sauce

    1tbsp Ketchup

    Fry bacon until crisp.

    Fry eggs sunny side up.

    Toast the roll and spread one one side ketchup and on another BBQ sauce

    Put together with green lettuce, smoked cheese, bacon, and the sunny eggs

    In my opinion is very important to pay a big attention to what bacon you use and not just for this recipe but in general. Chose dry-cured and don’t go for the cheapest one if possible.

    Also when it comes to chose between streaky bacon and the back bacon… streaky is the winner, although it has more fat, you will lose most of it when coking.

    If you cook the bacon in the oven, set the temperature at 180°C and cook for about 15 min

    This is a pretty basic recipe, but if you need a visual, check my YouTube channel where you can find a full video recipe.

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